About Us

Our company has existed under different names, under different ownership, and in different facilities since the mid 1930’s (when Idaho repealed prohibition). In 1970, John Hayden was hired to run the Olympia distributorship and subsequently bought out the owners. In 1982 “Hayden Beverage Company” became the registered dba name under which our entire beverage distribution business operates.

HBC encompasses two corporations: Boise Sales Company and Young’s Market Company of Idaho, LLC. Boise Sales Company holds all assets except wine brands and wine inventory, it employs all Hayden Beverage employees, and executes all sales, delivery and administrative functions. Young’s Market Company of Idaho, LLC is a partnership between the Underwood family, owners of Young’s Market Company, and the Hayden family.  The partnership owns the wine and low-proof cocktail distribution rights as well as the inventories and is responsible for wine sales and marketing.

From 1970 to 2006, Hayden Beverage was owned by John Hayden. From 1997 to 2006, John and Dodds Hayden jointly owned and led the company. After John’s death in 2006, Dodds purchased all shares of the company and remains the sole owner and president of Boise Sales Company. In 2008, Dodds moved the wine business into a separate LLC and entered into a strategic partnership with Young’s Market Company. Dodds is the president and minority shareholder of YMC of Idaho, the majority being owned by Young’s Holdings.

All accounting, ordering, reporting, and administrative functions are performed in our Boise, Idaho office. Sales management is directed out of Boise, and individual market programming and execution are managed by offices in Boise, Twin Falls, Sun Valley, Post Falls (Coeur D’Alene), Pocatello, and Idaho Falls. The majority of our orders are processed, picked and shipped out of our Boise and Post Falls distribution centers. Our satellite warehouses in Ketchum/Sun Valley, Twin Falls, McCall, Pocatello, and Idaho Falls carry some inventory to meet immediate customer service (especially on-premise) needs.