If someone ever frowns and asks why you are drinking in the morning, just tell them you are taking advantage of a fresh palate. Then ask them when the last time was they had bothered to educate themselves…

That has always worked for us.

Hayden Beverage’s commitment to education exemplifies our effort to be the most professional and diversified distributor in the state. We work to provide targeted, creative and informative programming to our staff, our accounts and our consumers. The beer, wine and non-alcoholic landscape is in constant motion, and the Education Department is tasked with always keeping our minds trained and our eyes looking towards the horizon. We are convinced that education is the key to creating a better sales environment for our accounts, greater traction for our brands, and a more collaborative relationship with our retail partners.

Our team is never afraid to toss a few back with you, but everything tastes that much better when you know what you’re having. Don’t you agree?